About Us

As the name suggest, Azafran El Reloj is King of all Saffron brands in Spain. Our product is cultivated in Albacete (Castilla - La Mancha).

Purity is our ONLY motto

Having said that, Azafran El Reloj eliminates all middlemen and serves the Saffron directly to you from the farms. This is why we are able to give you cutting edge cost and world class quality.

Why Saffron from Azafran El Reloj only?

We can ensure that once one use, person will ask us why anything but Azafran El Reloj? At Azafran El Reloj, we are not just trying to provide you raw, pure and unadulterated quality Saffron but also ensure that you get every bit of value for the money you pay:

Air Tight Pouches: We serve the industrial clients with superior quality, air tight packaging. This keeps the quality intact for longer period.

QUALITY: Needless to say that the quality we provide is NOT available anywhere else in the market.

Saffron is also known as "oro rojo" (red gold).